Be Well - Alternative Health Care

All energy medicine works via long distance.

The process is quite simple: We call you by phone to obtain some biographic data which establishes your uniqueness in the world. In addition, we ask some some health and lifestyle related questions. Scans are then performed on both global and detailed energetic devices.

See Your Scan In Real Time
Be Well uses technology that allows our clients to see their scans, on their home PCs in real-time using Skype. We can discuss the scan in progress.

Depending on the outcome of the scan, we can take action remotely to balance you. Or we can recommend proprietary energetic or homeopathic medicines or natural supplements. In addition, we often recommend seeing a health care specialist in your geographical area. We have had success with a wide range of both physical and psychological conditions using distance scanning and correction.

If you wish to have more information, do not hesitate to e-mail or call 1-519-650-2103. We promise we will get back to you promptly.

"The assessment by Be Well is extremely accurate. Be Well knew details about me from the scan that I had never told anyone. These hidden secrets subconsciously affected my life.  My wife says that Be Well's treatments have made me a new and better person. Amazing. " ~ FT, 65. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"After weeks of intense study, I was brain-dead before a major assignment (at deadline). Within four hours of being balanced long distance, my head cleared and I was able to focus with tremendous stamina." ~ AG, Ph. D. Student, Kingston, ON, Canada

"I had a plethora of symptoms including brain fog and hormonal irregularities. Be Well assessed Lyme Disease long distance and was able to determine the exact medications that help me." ~ TM, 41. MS, United States