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Homeopathic preparations are medications obtained by the dilution of naturally occurring substances. The remedies are prepared in such a way as to retain the energetic signature of the substance without any chemical effect. Homeopathic remedies, because they are not chemical, can not be detected in blood or urine tests.

Homeopathy is built on two principles: one, “like cures like”, i.e., a substance which will cause certain symptoms in a healthy person, will eradicate those same symptoms in a sick person. Two, a substance can be potentized (made more powerful) by diluting and succussing (or shaking) it in repeated steps. Thus a remedy diluted one in a hundred is more powerful than a remedy only diluted one in ten.

Samuel Hahnemann (writing in the early 1800s) said, “Up until now, no one taught this homeopathic way of cure”, even though “traces (were) discoverable in all ages.” Hahnemann considered “divine homeopathy”, this “natural law of cure”, to have been revealed to him by God. Hahnemann claimed Homeopathy was validated by “exact observation of nature” and “all pure experiments and all genuine experiences” even though he did not claim to have a full scientific explanation of how homeopathy worked. Hahnemann considered the effect of homeopathic medicines to be “utterly non-material, as utterly non-mechanical as the power of a bar magnet.” Homeopathy acts “by means of its own (pure) immaterial, invisible, spirit-like energy” i.e., “dynamically . . . in order to make the person healthy again.” Homeopathic remedies are usually so diluted that they could not possibly have a chemical effect. Yet they contain “energy or information” that can effect profound changes to the health of a person – body, mind and spirit.

In other words these two principles of Homeopathy are not like medical knowledge gained through experiment or experience. The two Homeopathic Principles are like gravity, i.e., they exist as laws of nature or part of the fabric of reality. We have trouble explaining how gravity works but everybody knows that it does and that it is “immaterial, invisible, spirit like energy” that attracts bodies together.

Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which can “cure.” Hahnemann wrote, “The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health.” At Be Well this is our goal with every patient.

Homeopathy may be used alone or along with other treatment options and pharmaceuticals with supportive effect.

"I had vertigo and I work in construction. The doctor told me to take Gravol anytime I was on a ladder or scaffold. It would have been everyday! A single dose of a homeopathic remedy has eliminated my vertigo." ~GG, 52

"My varicose veins have almost disappeared due to a homeopathic remedy." ~ME, 70.

"I used to sweat profusely and embarrassingly, but a homeopathics brought it under control." ~AC, 14.

"I had a severe but undiagnosed muscle wasting and weakness condition. I had seen many doctors including Neurologists and had much testing including blood, MRI and CAT scans. Be well consulted with Head Office and gave me Phos 6C (homeopathic). I completely recovered within three weeks." ~MG, 26, Naturopathy Student

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